Chairman's Message

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has repeated words: Running, racing, achieving, future outlook, excellence, best practices, and the art of leadership in his book and on several occasions, as his highness convey to an Arab generation the value of relentless excellence in racing.

All his talk emanates from the heart, HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum repeatedly said “I love work, and I am happy in exerting effort and adore its success. Love of work provides me with energies that help me to do more work and increase my desires to exercise hobbies that I like.” In addition, HH also said “Do not envy those who work hard and help those who face difficulties and support everyone who come to you seeking work. Support him and let him win and let him rest.”

Inspired by his words, I recall those days with the late Sheikh Rashid. I never forget that day when he encouraged me to establish my first company ”Saleh Constructions” in 1975 and later his support through assigning projects, of which I remember building 150 houses for nationals in Khourfakan.

I share with you a profile history of our company which has began with the evolution of Dubai and its continuous progress which is ahead of its time and how we have developed at phase with its forecasted future and looks forward the coming century.

Saleh Mohammed Bin Lahej
Group Chairman