Saleh Bin Lahej Group considers Dubai a city of ambition, opportunities, excellence, and a forward looking vision.  This includes richness in culture, diversification, magic and imposes on it challenges.  Commitment to excellence and innovation and best practices are the factors for this magic, and secret of the city’s success.

We, at Saleh Bin Lahej Group, take pride in our contribution to the development of our Emirate, the country and the region, and rejoice in development and modernization that our country achieved by utilizing the best practices and highest skills and best instruments of the era, coupled to the spirit of innovation.

Commitment to success, innovation and continuous development.  Understanding the needs of our partners and those who deal with us, and their philosophy, combined with continuous contact and interaction with them with the purpose of building a long-term partnership.

Creating a work environment that induces facing up to the challenges and commitment to good manners of the profession and transparency and affirms values of commitment execution and realizes the satisfaction of customers.  It is a group of principles and objectives that we believe and act accordingly by the grace of its guidance consistent with the strategy that the father, founder Hajj Saleh Bin Lahej.

Mohammed Saleh Bin Lahej
Group Chief Executive Officer